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Stir the Fire 2015 – Gospel Sexuality, Radical Community

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Friday 21 August 2015  & Saturday 22 August 2015

Venue:Sunset Rock Uniting Church Spencer Street, Stirling SA 5152

A conference sponsored by Hope Mission Network  hopenet.unitingchurchsa.org.au

2015 Stir the Fire – brochure

Conference speaker: Ron Brookman

Rev. Ron Brookman is a Uniting Church minister who leads the Restore Healing Community at Ramsgate Uniting Church in Sydney and is the former director of the recently concluded Living Waters ministry.


Living Waters was a ministry which offered Christ’s compassion and healing to people who were tormented by their broken sexuality.

It provided a safe place for the broken to receive mercy.  Rather than engaging in public debate or social action, Living Waters sought to walk the healing journey with the sexually tormented, addicted, abused and confused.  Through Ron’s ministry many people have found hope in Christ’s transforming power.

Ron has unique insights into the matter of sexual wholeness, having struggled with his own feelings of same-sex attraction (including living a secret homosexual lifestyle), before he received Christ’s transformation to heterosexuality.

Enquiries: Ron Tiller 8379 4596 or 0402 471 144 Registration by:  Friday 14 August 2015 for catering purposes  Cost:   $20 per person, (includes dinner on Friday) with an offering also taken.

Dr Daniel Sheyesteh

Former Khomeini elite guardsman, death row sentence, escapee, refugee, accepted by Australia, lecturer Sydney University, resigned over expose’ of Islamic jihad, now bringing Gospel to Middle-Eastern Muslims. Author, preacher and teacher.

Click here to view an event flyer (PDF)


Friday 13th Mar, 7.30-9.30pm
Dr Daniel – Testimonial
Balaklava UC Hall, 29 Edith Terrace, Balaklava

Sat 14th Mar, 9.30am-12.30
Teaching seminar “De-radicalise – is it possible?'”
Tea Tree Gully UC, 592 Milne Rd Banksia Park

Sunday 15th Mar, 10am
Dr Daniel preaching …
“Ripe For The Harvest“ Matt 9:37
Coromandel Valley UC, 415 Main Road Coromandel Valley

Enquiries here or Pastor Grant Jewell 0403 412 480 or Ian 0413 248 622

Pstr Rashid, Syria update

Report from pastor Mahu Rashid’s network of missionaries in Syria and Iraq. Received Nov 9th

I received a tragic call from Damascus area this morning and want to share the news by e-mail to those on my e-mail list that normally receive  our update. The call from Pastor Rashid was a difficult one but he needed to share this news so that others would take this new situation to the Lord in prayer. It is not to dramatize the horrors of the Mideast war that is escalating, but to urge us to lift up these our brethren facing great difficulties.

A group of about 60 missionary trainees and their teachers were gathered and studying God’s Word, presently using the series on “Intimacy with God” when they were attacked by ISIS terrorists. There was no warning. One minute they were rejoicing in that very intimacy that had been granted them by God through the Blood of Jesus, and the next, 23 of them had become martyrs and were standing before their Lord and King. Another five, including Nabil (another man by that name), Omar their main teacher, Adel (whom one of our American brothers has spent time in fellowship with in Jerusalem not long ago), Haleb, and Saba were shot up badly and are barely hanging onto life in ICU in a hospital. I hope I spelled the names right. It would be good to pray for them by name, although God knows quite well who they are. The rest of the group managed to escape with lesser injuries, at least so that they could run or crawl away for their lives.

This was a real blow. ISIS has killed a large number of HOB’s missionaries in the last month or so. Yet, at the same time, multiplied thousands of Muslim people have found peace through the forgiveness they received from Jesus, the real Messiah. God will always prove Himself victorious if we continue to trust Him.

Pastor Rashid was quite broken up as he knows these people. People in the Middle East are witnessing the wholesale slaughter of many peoples, but the #1 target are the Christians and any Jews they can find. Most of the organized Christian Churches have vacated areas where ISIS is located but there are many missionaries who have chosen to stay and reach as many as they possibly can. It is costly but they know they are only passing through this world. They know–possibly more than we do in the West, how short time really is.

I have also emailed five photos I received a couple days ago. These are a few of the widows of a large group we have affectionately called “The Widow Sisterhood”, and have been praying for. Mofidah is the woman in the red. You will also notice the Bibles they have. These are ones that are being provided for people in the Middle East as the funds come available. These photos are of a group of the widows sharing the love of Jesus with people in homes or tents that want to hear about Jesus Christ and His love for humanity. They also pray for anyone and everyone and have seen God’s intervention with tangible miracles everywhere they go. They are located near the Turkish border in northern Syria in an area of about 500,000 refugees. Among the miracles have been many that have been raised from the dead!

Mofidah and her army of widows have requested financial help so that they can set up a tent like Pastor Rashid uses. It would be very effective where they are located, especially since winter is already making itself known, especially that far north. Any help would be a blessing. Of course, there is always the ever-present need for Bibles as well. Please pray if interested in helping. Many hundreds of thousands of souls have been reached already within the last 31 months since this project began. These are real numbers.

The heavy duty meeting tent with cement floor & equipment holds about 100 people at a time and runs about $5,000 complete. Bibles printed into Arabic run $15 apiece. This same type of tent is being used by Pastor Rashid most every hour of every day for teaching, training, and praying for the sick or injured.

In spite of the tragedy, many missionaries are being raised up by House Of Blessing. In answer to direct prayer God has brought in a harvest of 1,000 for every missionary that loses their life to terrorists. Rashid has said repeatedly lately though that time has now become so very short, he hates to waste time sleeping–which he doesn’t do much of even now. It is a strong message to those of us who are not as aware of what time the prophetic clock is telling us it is!

There will be another update  coming out in a day or two, but without the photos so the widows aren’t so easily identified by their enemies in Syria.

God Bless and thanks for reading. In the love of Yeshua,  House of Blessing update

(Mahu Rashid is 70,a paraplgic from assault by jihadists. oversights ,supports and trains missionaries in Iraq and Syria.He always asks for prayer. Seeks to buy Bibles for floods of muslim converts and support for missionaries at $US 70/month)


Past Events

Visits by leading ministries co- sponsored by Hopenet

  • Daniel Shayesteh visited in July 2013 from Pakistan
  • Bishop Michael visited in May 2014 from Kenya.
  • Vishal Mangalwadi visited in August 2012
  • Ugandan Evangelist Bishop Joel Kakembo in September 2013
  • Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo, International Director of Barnabas Aid. October,2013